Best Herpes Dating Sites for Singles with Herpes in Australia

Last update: October 07, 2019

Are you a single, Australian citizen who learned that you have herpes? You might be scared and alone due to the negativity popular media has said and shown about herpes. Luckily, facts are here to save the day. One in eight Australian residents has genital herpes. This is a pretty common condition to have. A number of your friends and family members may already have herpes, themselves. So, feel free to call them up from Sydney and let them know that you do, too.

Herpes isn’t the End of Love, but the Beginning of a New Journey

Many first-time receivers of herpes may think that they can no longer find love or they may feel discouraged that they can only find love on a herpes dating site. You certainly can find love again, and it could be with someone that you otherwise may not have been able to meet. You have a chance to connect with others who are and have gone through what you’re currently going through. You can receive tips from these individuals and start a healthy relationship with someone new. First, though, you must find the right dating site for you.

The Best Dating Sites for Australian Residents with Herpes

The Best Herpes Dating Sites in Australia


– Gain Positivity with

Positive Singles is one of the most popular dating sites not just for people with herpes, but for those who have other STDs. This site is available for people all over the world, including Australia. There are sites like that hone in on herpes dating in Australia. With Positive Singles, though, you can talk to and connect with people around the globe. However, it is still a little restricted on who you can be matched with. For example, if you live in Perth, then you may only be matched with individuals in or near that city. Nonetheless, it has a warm community, blogs that contain advice on living with your condition and, of course, your own profile.

There are numerous features this site has to offer, such as having a profile you can edit and add photos to. The more detailed your profile, the higher the chance of others finding you. You can receive more advice and inspiration from those with herpes dating success stories. Other features include:

  • participating in and starting conversations in the forums
  • access to blogs that contain advice on dating, living with herpes, and herpes dating success stories
  • recommended links that give you information on local STD care facilities
  • professionals available to answer any questions you may have about your herpes
  • send and receiving greetings and winks
  • using the app to find your matches on the go
  • utilizing a search that allows you to input details on what kind of mate you are looking for

All of these features are useful, but there are additional features you will have access to when you sign up for gold membership. These extra features will further help you on your quest to finding a mate in Australia. Gold membership will carry over to the app. Such features are:

  • sending private messages to others
  • being featured on the search page as a recommended profile to other members
  • chatting with others in the chat room
  • access to a live counselor for immediate professional advice and help
  • an extra search detail for locating matches further than where you currently live

Receiving one month of gold membership will cost you $29.95, $59.95 for three months, and $95.95 for six months.


– Hone in on Herpes Dating with

You may live in Melbourne, the second largest city in Australia. It could take a while sifting through the numerous individuals with various conditions living in the same city. If this is the case, then try MPWH. This dating site focuses specifically on individuals who have herpes. The signup process is easy; you just have to fill in basic details about yourself for your profile. For example, your gender and the gender of the person you’re searching for. You will then have access to your profile. You can edit it and further add details to increase your chances of your potential match finding you. Now you are ready to explore all of the features the site has to offer.

The features on MPWH are built to help you join a welcoming community. Whether you live in Melbourne or any other city in Australia, there are a multitude of opportunities to meet new people from all over the globe. These features are also there to allow others to find you, as well. They include:

  • a quick search to find singles in any state in Australia
  • saving your quick searches for returning uses
  • a search for usernames
  • place other profiles in your list of favorites as well as see who added your profile to their favorites
  • see any winks and emails others have sent you
  • view who saw your profile
  • receive requests for photos and know the profile who made any requests
  • find out who has sent you chat messages
  • read and create your own blogs to share with the community
  • access to a forum filled with friendly individuals
  • upload a number of photos and place them in a private album
  • see the comments made on your profile

Although MPWH is available in multiple countries, these features are especially useful to members in Australia. There’s the chance that you’ll find someone you’ll recognize. You can increase those chances with gold membership. Gold membership has its extra features as well:

  • a more advanced search that allows you to find someone based off of their height, relationship status, whether or not they have children or want children, religion, education, smoking and drinking statuses, body type, distance and other specific details
  • view the newest members
  • compatible matches will be available for you to see
  • an astrological sign that compliments yours will be revealed to you
  • obtain a notification when someone has answered your request to fill in some more information about them on their profile

The price of gold membership is actually the same as Positive Singles: $29.95 for one month, $59.95 for three months, and $95.95 for six months.


– A New Herpes Dating Site Experience with

This dating site also particularly focuses on single individuals with herpes. Plenty of people from all parts of Australia, including Brisbane, go on this site. So the first thing to do is to go through the easy signup process. All you have to do is fill in your name, username, age, gender, the gender of the mate you are looking for, and a basic description of yourself. After signing up, you will be brought to a screen that asks to upgrade your membership. You don’t have to and can go straight to your profile by clicking on the site logo on the top left.

Once you get to your profile, it is urged that you fill in as much information as possible to increase your chances of receiving messages. If you live in Sydney, then ask yourself if you want to meet someone within your city. Check out the features when you are finished with your profile. With the free membership, your features are:

  • seeing who recently signed up on HSV Singles
  • a quick search for usernames or people who fit all of the basic preferences available
  • save the details of that current search
  • knowing who is online right now
  • viewing how long someone has been offline
  • saving favorable members to your Little Black Book

Even with these great features, there are still more you can access with gold membership:

  • send and receive an unlimited amount of emails
  • see who has been looking at your profile
  • participate in chats in the chat room

The cost of upgraded membership is a little bit different from other herpes dating sites: $24.99 for one month each, $49.98 every three months, and $89.88 every year.

So Many Herpes Dating Sites, So Little Time

Each of these sites has quality features for both their free and paid memberships. For Australian residents in general, one of the best herpes dating sites, in general, would be About 2.8 percent of its visitors live in Australia, according to Not only would you have a better chance of finding a mate who lives near you, but you would have a wider variety of individuals to choose from compared to other sites.

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